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A gravity based, platformer puzzle game using C# and XNA


GravityBot is a 3D, gravity based puzzle-platformer. The user plays as a robot who is undergoing intense simulation training to determine the robots job in the real world. The AI for the robot character is created by cloning human brain matter from an intelligent being, and the simulation training is to test how pure the sample is. The goal of the game is to navigate through a series of levels, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. One of the main game elements is the ability to change the direction of gravity to help navigate through complex puzzles.


  • Alter gravity to solve puzzles!
  • Disappearing platforms
  • Springs
  • Over 10 levels
  • Built in level editor
  • Highscores
  • XBox Controller compatible


Date: Semester 1, 2010
Lanauges: C#
Libraries: XNA
Team: Me, David Clark


/_projects/gravitybot/screenshots/gravitybot04.jpg /_projects/gravitybot/screenshots/gravitybot03.jpg /_projects/gravitybot/screenshots/gravitybot08.jpg /_projects/gravitybot/screenshots/gravitybot10.jpg /_projects/gravitybot/screenshots/gravitybot11.jpg /_projects/gravitybot/screenshots/gravitybot06.jpg /_projects/gravitybot/screenshots/gravitybot01.jpg /_projects/gravitybot/screenshots/gravitybot09.jpg /_projects/gravitybot/screenshots/gravitybot05.jpg /_projects/gravitybot/screenshots/gravitybot07.jpg /_projects/gravitybot/screenshots/gravitybot02.jpg